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Court rules in favour of SASCOC on Laraine Lane’s Case

 The Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa has ruled against Ms Laraine Lane’s case on her voluntary resignation and suspension from ASA board membership has been rendered moot by a subsequent resignation.

The judgement, which has ruled in favour of SASCOC is as follows:

  1. The appeal is upheld with costs including the costs of two counsel.
  2. The order of the court below is set aside and replaced with the following:

‘The application is dismissed with costs.’

SASCOC did not agree to the decision handed down by His Lordship, the Honourable Judge Wright in the South Gauteng High Court on 19 September 2013. SASCOC was of the opinion that the Court erred in its findings and conclusions, more specifically in relation to Ms Lane’s resignation and SASCOC’s authority and powers and where such powers emanate from.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court noted that Ms Lane’s perceived ‘lifelong ban’ she fears, which is based on no more than a media statement that did not mention her name is unfounded. She was therefore not entitled to the relief granted by the court below in respect of the suspension, nor was it necessary to seek the declaratory relief. It also dispenses with the need to determine the nature of SASCOC’s decision to suspend Ms Lane and whether she was afforded a fair hearing in respect of which it is, in any event, doubtful that she would succeed.