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Greg gears up with win

Mountain biking downhill superstar Greg Minnaar showed exactly what kind of form he is currently in as he demolished the rest of the field at the weekend’s Mr Price Karkloof Classic Downhill event and has now shifted his sights to the UCI MTB World Cup in Pietermaritzburg taking place over the Easter weekend.

ÔÇ£I didn’t do too much preparation before Karkloof but to have won was great,” said Minnaar. “It was a really nice opportunity, especially ahead of the World Cup, just to test out where I am and to fine tune a couple of things.

ÔÇ£I’m happy with where I am and how things are going at this stage but the World Cup is a very different story. The last time I raced an international field was last year and it’s a bit different to racing the local guys so we’ll just have to wait and see how things go,ÔÇØ he added.

ÔÇ£I feel my fitness is fine and things are going well right now so hopefully I’ll be pretty competitive come next weekend,ÔÇØ said Minnaar.

The Pietermaritzburg based rider however knows that the World Cup will bring with it the pressure of huge public expectations, particularly after his stirring win there in 2009.

ÔÇ£Certainly I’d love to win this one with it being in my home town but I aim to try win every race I do regardless of whether it’s a home race or not. My main focus is to try win the World Cup so every race I can do well in will help me get closer to achieving that,ÔÇØ said Minnaar. ÔÇ£2009 was awesome but I look forward to things being even bigger this time round and the local guys coming out in numbers and getting behind us.ÔÇØ he said.

Despite being crowned World Champ and double World Cup winner during his successful mountain biking career, Minnaar hasn’t always been seen whizzing down the side of a hill at great speeds on his “metallic horse”.

ÔÇ£As a youngster I first started with BMX. I really enjoyed it for a while but then my folks opened a cycle shop and at that stage I wasn’t riding as often as I needed to be if I wanted to be competitive so I lost interest in BMX and it was then that I started coming out to all the trails,ÔÇØ explains Minnaar.

Having switched from BMX to mountain biking some 17 years ago Minnaar has not looked back and now eagerly awaits the opportunity of repeating his 2009 achievements when he won the same event in front of his home crowd.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿ The UCI MTB World Cup takes place at the Cascades track from 22-24 April.