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King, Schloms win Fish

Lance King and Heinrich Schloms snatched victory in the Hansa Breede marathon with an controversial tactical move just a few hundred metres from the finish on Sunday.

The two used a sneak channel they had discovered the day before to outsmart the other three crews in the tussle for the crown.

Ant Stott and Graham Solomon and the duo of Pierre-Andre Rabie and Andy Birkett had been the dominant forces in the four-boat vanguard that hurtled down the Breede swollen by the arrival of the water that had teased the bear record field with its late arrival.

As the lead headed into the final turn to the finish at the Kambati resort, King and Schloms swung into the small channel that spirited them into the lead and allowed them to pin back their ears and claim the title from Edgar Boehm and Ali Glass who had seen King and Schloms veer into the channel and followed.

Pre-race favourites Stott and Solomon had to reluctantly settle for the minor placings after being outsmarted by the homework King and Schloms had done after they had completed the first stage.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿”It was a real hassle but we came down to the finish after we had done day one and checked out all the channels really carefully, because so often the title is decided in the channels right at the finish,” said King.

“Turns out it was well worth the hassle!” he added.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿ The win is a significant one for both paddlers. It is a first major title for Schloms, who for eight years has been the bridesmaid of the Breede with a string of second placings.

“At last! A big one to my name,” he said at the finish.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿ For King, who has won this title once before, the victory was particularly sweet as it ends his Cape winter season on a high after his challenge in the four-day Berg was fraught with disasters. “Looks like I have managed to get rid of my bad mojo,” he said.

For Stott and Solomon, who were using the outing as a hard training session for the world marathon championships in Singapore in October the final result was a bittersweet one.┬áÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿”What happened out there was totally unsportsmanlike and no way to win a race,” said Solomon, who explained that King had yelled at the bunch to take the left channel with such urgency that the front two had followed his directions, before King peeled off into the right hand channel that ultimately set up their victory.

Fish Hoek junior lifesavers Craig Flanagan and Dom Notten excelled to tale the junior title with a solid top 10 showing overall, while the fascinating mixed doubles race also fell to members from the same club better known for their surfski and lifesaving abilities.

International surfski Tom Schilperoort and young Samantha Murray spent the entire 73km, two-day race locked in a ferocious tussle with Simon van Gysen and Amy Hare. They were locked together as they took the final turn into the finish setting the stage for a thrilling dice to the line which Schilperoort and Murray took by 10cm.

“The racing was unbelievable,” said Schilperoort. “It was Samantha (Murray)’s first major river race and her first Breede. She paddled incredibly,” said Schilperoort of his Fish Hoek clubmate.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿Louw van Riet and Kirsten Penderis took the final place on the mixed doubles podium after overtaking Chris de Waal and Lisa Scott on the final stage.

The women’s title fell to the KZN sisters Abby and Alex Adie, who started the day with a five minute penalty for setting of on the first stage in A batch instead of the seeded women’s B batch. On the second stage the siblings stretched their lead over the storming under 16 schoolgirls Kirsten Flanagan and Jodi Cleworth.

The first female crew across the line was Alexa Cole and Jackie Barnes in an excellent 17th overall. They had elected to forego their rights in the women’s race but insisting on being seeded in the men’s category



1 Lance King/Heinrich Schloms 4:11.15ÔÇ¿, 2 Alasdair Glass/Edgar Boehm 4:11.16ÔÇ¿, 3 Ant Stott/Graeme Solomon 4:11.35ÔÇ¿, 4 Pierre-Andre Rabie/Andy Birkett 4:11.37ÔÇ¿, 5 Steve Farrell/Nick Burden 4:23.21, ÔÇ¿6 Stu McLaren/Lance Kime 4:23.23, ÔÇ¿7 Trentle Lamble/Andrew Birkett 4:27.21ÔÇ¿, 8 Diaan du Toit/Hennie du Plooy 4:33.04ÔÇ¿, 9 Scott Johnson/Stuart Laing 4:33.30, ÔÇ¿10 Tom Schilperoort/Samantha Murray 4:33.31 (1st MD)


1 Abby Adie/Alex Adie 4:50.07ÔÇ¿, 2 Kirsten Flanagan/Jodi Cleworth 4:52.19, ÔÇ¿3 Kim Burgman/Angie Gafney, 4 Robyn Henderson/Jean Wilson, ÔÇ¿5 Kerry Louw/Kirsten Wessels


1 Tom Schilperoort/Samantha Murray 4:33.31ÔÇ¿, 2 Simon van Gysen/Amy Hare 4:33.31ÔÇ¿, 3 Ian Trautmann/Natascha Bracale 4:44 23ÔÇ¿, 4 Chris de Waal/Lisa Scott 4:45.28ÔÇ¿, 5 Louw van Riet/Kirsten Penderis 4:53.37