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Marais overcomes illness scare ahead of World Games

Armand Marais already has the pressure of being touted as one of Team South Africas best medal chances at the World Games here.

But the Pretoria based lifesaver had a nasty scare before he left for South America when he had an adverse reaction to the yellow fever inoculation jab.

He told Road to Rio 2016: It was about three weeks ago when I had the shot. I had it on the Friday and the doctor said that some people react badly to the innoculation.

The next Tuesday at training I felt like I was swimming in mud and that something wasnt right. By the Thursday I had a raging fever of 39-40 degrees Celcius and ended up on hospital on a drip for a few hours.

But that wasnt all. Then I picked up kidney stones from the dehydration which wasnt great but luckily I managed to avoid surgery or anything and they flushed out naturally.

There was a cost to pay though as he had to take roughly 10 days off training. Luckily it was at the start of my tapering phase and Ive been back at training now for a week before we left.

Marais will be an action man personified at the World Games. He takes part in six events over the space of two days and all include qualifying rounds.

His best chance of a medal comes in the 100-metre mannikin with fins on the first day of competition and hell also take part in the 50m mannikin without fins on the second day.