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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

For me the most interesting development in the most recent period was the Sports & Events Tourism Exchange Conference held in Cape Town.

I took a lot out of the conference and am keen to share it with all our sports lovers.

Firstly the value of exchanges with people from all around the globe. I had an interview with an Indian radio station and was surprised to see that the conference drew people from that far.

I know we think South Africa is a long way from the likes of Europe and Asia etc but we must remain in these exchanges to take stock of what we are doing and how we are doing it, but most importantly to share with the world  what we have to offer in terms of boosting tourism through sport.

The inputs from people like soccer’s Danny Jordaan where very useful because people still want to understand what the 2010 FIFA World Cup meant to us.

Speaking about it allows us to evaluate what has happened and how people respond to what they see in terms of all the infrastructure that we had to build. It does make interesting listening as well because in our minds we are still keen to understand the impact of that spectacle.

There was a fair spread of exhibitors and our federations did very well in representing SASCOC.  All the stalls were well visited and one only gets to see the extent of sport on offer in the country at this kind of exhibition.

We also linked up with London 2012 for the One-Year-To-Go bash and gave our audience at the function an update of our own ÔÇ£Road to London” progress.

I must also extend congratulations to James Evans and and Motlatsi Keikabile for being elected respectively as President and Vice-President to lead Athletics South Africa. Our hope now is to see how athletics in the country will grow from strength to strength without all the interruptions and distractions that have previously been the case.

The suspensions of two of our National Federations, those of equestrian and squash were swiftly dealt with thanks to the Transformation Commission chairperson, Mr. Mohamed Mubarak, ably assisted by Mr Raymond Hack. Both federations will now go through certain processes to arrive at an acceptable position for all the contesting parties and I hope to see them at our annual general meeting on 28 August.

The feuding parties in Powerboating were instructed by the court to sort out their matters. We assisted them in ensuring that they carry out the court ruling.

Of course the sad part of the story is that both parties now face huge legal costs, money which could have been so much better spent on the uplifting of sport.

Tinus Barnard
Tinus Barnard

Letter of the Pres. Gideon Sam that AGM date is 28 August??? Thanks. Tinus Barnard Pres. Jukskei SA