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President’s Voice – Gideon Sam

It’s game on for the Olympic Movement after all the recommendations were adopted unanimously at the extended session meeting of the IOC in Monaco, a meeting that I was fortunate to attend.
It was a very inclusive process that led to the adoption of all the 40 recommendations. Of particular interest was the way the IOC opened up to allow as many people as is possible to contribute to the future outlook of the Olympic Movement. The people have spoken and the leadership of the Olympic Movement have listened.
And now for the implementation of the recommendations.
Some of the 40 recommendations are easy to implement and NOC’s with good governance structures should get on with the job of implementing these recommendations. A quick look down the list of recommendations and one can see some of the issues that can be taken up by all NOC’s. Issues like: Foster gender equality; Honour clean athletes; Strengthen support for athletes; Engage communities; Increase transparency are issues that we all pursue in our organisations.
Cities keen to  host the Olympics will in future find it easy to do so because the IOC want to shape the bidding process as an invitation and the recommendation is also that the cost of bidding be reduced by assessing key opportunities and risks.
Cities can also cooperate in future to host the Games at various sites in different cities. All these recommendations are far reaching decisions that will put the IOC on a new trajectory and the leadership is determined to make things happen.
As NOC’s we are called upon to support the new move by the IOC and the President, Thomas Bach received rave reports for his bold measures to kick-start this process. Time will tell how the rest of the leadership responded and the atmosphere in Monaco showed that all the members and stakeholders want to move on and build  the Olympic movement into a stronger brand.
Meanwhile our team in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for the African Union Region 5 Games took a bit of time to warm up but I see that the medals have started pouring in as the Games progress.
And it’s always so good to see South African sport continuing to make its mark around the globe. I seem to mention Chad le Clos in every report back, but he deserves it. FINA World Cup swimmer of the year for 2014 and now he has stepped up yet another gear at the World Short Course Championships in Doha with a world record four gold medals!
Well done to our Blitzboks sevens rugby side as well for winning the Dubai Sevens, now for the home leg of the Series in Port Elizabeth.
After such a long year all that is left for me is to wish every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I have no doubt that the year of 2015 promises to be yet another great year for South African sport.