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Rhythmic ace Grace in Russian anniversary show

Top South African gymnast Grace Legote is currently Russia for a prestigious invitation-only event.
She was specially invited by the All-Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation to take part in a show which will celebrate the 80th anniversary of Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Activities takes place on Sunday at the Maryinsky Theatre of St. Petersburg in Russia.
Young Legote will perform with international gymnasts from Greece, Korea, Italy, USA, Spain, Japan, Georgia, Israel, Italy, and Russia and she performs a 48-second individual ‘Ribbon’ item to the classical soundtrack of ‘Bolero’ by Ravel, with fellow gymnasts performing the remainder of the sound track.
When asked how she feels to be performing at this prestigious event, Grace said: ‘It’s lovely, it’s really an honour to take part in the 80th Rhythmic gymnastics ceremony. I’m the only gymnast from Africa so it’s truly an honour.’
Grace will remain in Russia to compete at the Russian Rhythmic Grand Prix the following weekend – her first international competition for the year.