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Road to Rio TV show on air

Episode Five of the Road to Rio 2016 television programme is currently being flighted on SuperSport.

First up we take a look at Akani Simbine the up-and-coming 100 and 200-metre sprinter and current Zone VI champion.

Staying with athletes and Casper Schutte, javelin ace and 2012 Paralympian, relays his story and looks forward to Rio.

Then we took a look at the wheelchair rugby team that trains at Pretoria University. This code is a Paralympic sport so we thought we’d investigate the South African version of the sport

Lastly we showcase korfball, a sport that falls under the umbrella of Olympic governing body SASCOC, and what exactly this entails.

Viewing schedule

1 June 12.30am-1am (SS6) and again (6.30-7am)
6 June 12.30-1pm (SHD4)
12 June 7.40-8.10am (SH2)
14 June 5.30-6am (SH2)

Dean Almeida
Dean Almeida

This is great to see. I have both copies of the publication and love reading it over and over again - really gives us a good idea on our athletes and motivates me to push more!