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SA a hit in Lausanne

The 14th edition of the World Gymnaestrada has come and left Lausanne, Switzerland and Team South Africa were a big hit.

Many months of preparation and training culminated into a week-long of gymnastics festivities, with the South Africans having the time of their lives.

Gymnasts, young and old, from all provinces in South Africa had the opportunity to showcase to the world their talents, artistry, multi-cultural diversity and gymnastic ability, through colourful performances and vibrant musical displays.

The South African Evening, held on 12 July, was a showstopper, bringing the crowd to “happy” tears and a grand standing ovation. According to Federation Internationale Gymnasique (FIG), ÔÇ£it was artistic all around and went far beyond the hopes and expectations of the FIG President! Devoid of apparatus, the body moves and speaks through motion and expression. A blinding success!ÔÇØ

The FIG also said that ÔÇ£South Africa proved itself contemporary, playful, inventive and a vehicle for bringing a breath of fresh air to the FIG and its gymnasts. This is the gymnastics of tomorrow. A discipline typically equated with the northern hemisphere, South African gymnastics nonetheless holds a key to the development of the sport and its federation”.

Meanwhile the SAGF is proud of Team South Africa and their spectacular performances. The positive responses received and the impression which was left in Lausanne bodes well for South Africa, who look forward to hosting the 2nd World Gym For Life Challenge in Cape Town in July 2013.