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SA youngsters learn lots of lessons in Lima

By Mark Etheridge

South Africa’s young badminton side have ended 28th in the team section at the World Junior Championships in Lima, Peru… now for the individual categories starting on Tuesday.
In their Group C2 Games they played Cuba, Spain, Thailand and Costa Rica. They then moved on to the Group C play-offs.
Says national coach Chris Dednam: ‘We beat Chile in the play-offs and from the play-offs the tie stops as soon as it is decided, in other words as soon as a team wins three matches in the tie.
‘We then started the final stage play-offs for position 25 to 28. We lost to Slovenia 3-0 and therefore had to play for position 27 or 28 against Mexico.’
But again the team fell short on the day, going down 3-0, meaning they ended 28th.
Looking on the bright side, Dednam went on: ‘With the experience gained at this championships and with more international participation in the future, these are the teams that we have to start beating.
‘I sat with our players watching the other teams play, as well as the finals of the team event which China won 3-0 against Indonesia, to show them how they can improve and what is needed to be done.
‘The 2016 Junior World Champs will be hosted in Spain and three of the six players here in Peru will still be U19 next year.’

Picture of Nita Scholtz in action courtesy of BadmintonPhoto