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SASCOC and others vs Graeme Joffe

Today, Judge Francis of the Gauteng Local Division of the High Court of South Africa dismissed all 131 of the exceptions raised by Graeme Joffe to the claim for defamation brought against him by SASCOC and certain of its board members.  The exceptions were dismissed with the costs of two counsel.

SASCOC brought the defamation claim in July 2013 as a result of a series of online articles and a tweet published by Joffe concerning SASCOC and its board members, which SASCOC views as unjustified and defamatory.  Rather than provide a substantive justification for his publications, Joffe took a series of technical objections to the claim.  By the time the matter reached Court for a decision Joffe had raised a total of 131 technical exceptions.  The Court dismissed all of these objections, which allows the case to proceed to the deal with the merits.

It is interesting to note that paragraph five of Judge Francis’ Judgment clearly stated that: “this is a clear waste of the court’s time and resources.  The exceptions raised by the Defendant (Joffe) are the worst form of nit picking that I have ever seen in my 13 years on the bench”.

SASCOC welcomes this judgment, and is pleased that Joffe will now have to set out his substantive defence to the claim including his justification for the publications upon which SASCOC has sued, before the matter proceeds to trial.