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SASCOC, Government host 1st transformation Consultation Session

Today, Government and the Sports Confederation hosted the 1st Consultation Session between National Sports Federations and the Eminent Persons Group on Sport Transformation. The Session was addressed by the Minister of Sport and Recreation, Honourable Fikile Mbalula.

In his address, the Minister indicated that the establishment of the EPG was a ground breaking and watershed moment in transformation of sport in our country following the adoption of the National Sport and Recreation Plan, the Transformation Charter and the accompanying Score Card.

The methodology of the EPG was outlined to the Federations and was well received. SASCOC 1st Vice President, Ms Hajera Kajee expressed the confederations satisfaction with the process. SASCOC Board fully supports the EPG and the transformation process.

The EPG is expected to administer the Transformation Charter and the Score Card. It will also issue the Annual Sport Transformation Barometer which will detail the state of transformation in sport. The Chairperson of the EPG, Mr Somadoda Fikeni indicated that The EPG will work in an environment of high ethical standards. We will place greater premium on the credibility of the information and data gathered and there will be dire consequences if false or misleading information is submitted.

The Consultative Session welcomed the establishment of the EPG and further recommended itself to the process of transformation in sport in our country. The EPG will meet quarterly and continue its work and the execution of its mandate, submit its reports to the Minister through SRSA and SASCOC.