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SASCOC mourns death of runners

South African Olympic sports governing body SASCOC’s president, Gideon Sam on Sunday said the country’s sporting movement mourned the death of five road runners in Midrand on Saturday and urged transport authorities to do everything in their power to address the problem.

The five runners died when they were hit by a car while out on a training run in the early hours of the morning.

“South African sport as a whole is rocked by these tragic deaths. We in the sports movement are always supporting the notion of ‘wellness’ and participation in sport and its such a natural thing to get outdoors and run as well as cycle in the interests of staying fit and healthy.

“But when our runners and cyclists end up losing their lives in this manner something must be done as this is going to discourage people of all ages from taking up sport.

“Maybe our authorities must look at even more special jogging, cycling lanes to safeguard our sportsmen and women’s lives while out there training and enjoying themselves.

“This carnage on our roads simply has to stop. On behalf of SASCOC we send our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of these five members of the SA sporting family.”

Earlier this year South Africa’s leading road cyclist, Carla Swart died after being hit by a truck while out training in the Free State.

Damesi Nqini
Damesi Nqini

It is so sad to lose one especially through negligence.tough laws needed not just fining these tenderpreneurs cos they will pop up the money.we find it very hard as runners.blackdrivers ignore the race marshals,dont mention taxi drivers.we struggle in road from the Eastern Cape.may their soul Rest In Peace.