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SASCOC supports Luvo as he pushes to qualify for Rio Olympics

SASCOC and HPC have thrown their full weight behind South African long jumper Luvo Manyonga who has returned on the field after a battle with a drug problem as he works to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Having worked with the Sport Psychology Department of the HPC and an independent drug counselor for some time now, they have suggested that, as a result of Luvo himself having taken the responsibility of overcoming his past drug problem and his subsequent rehabilitation without any professional intervention, he should be considered for professional counseling.

With the mounting pressure of qualification and possible inclusion in the Team for Rio (should he qualify) he should be placed in a professional programme to assist him in managing his future progress. This programme includes special interventions and it is the view of both SASCOC and the HPC that this will be the best way for him to assist with his preparations.

SASCOC CEO Tubby Reddy commented, ‘We are happy that we have supported Luvo and continue to support him in his quest to meet the Selection Criteria for Rio 2016 Olympics.

‘We urge him to continue with his professional counseling so that he gets back on track and focus on his event. He is a talented athlete and on behalf of SASCOC I wish him the very best in his competitions,’ concluded Reddy.

Manyonga will continue with his daily programme to get stronger and to improve his technical abilities and will participate in all the necessary competitions.