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SASCOC to discuss EPG report with national federations

SASCOC will be meeting with national sports federations to discuss and propose a framework to address the recommendations contained in the 3rd Eminent Persons Group’s report on transformation in sport that was presented yesterday to Minister of Sports and Recreation, Mr Fikile Mbalula.

Amongst the recommendations outlined by Minister Mbalula was that all federations and sport bodies must establish transformation committees and appoint transformation officers. These structures must be mainstreamed and be integrated in all business units of the federations and sport bodies.

Furthermore SASCOC will be assisting national sporting federations to prepare their transformation barometer and prepare themselves for signing Memoranda of Agreements with the Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa.

SASCOC CEO, Tubby Reddy, said that the aim of the meeting individually with Rugby, Cricket, Athletics and Netball specifically, and with the other federations is “to examine the agreement that they have signed with the Department of Sport and Recreation and to address the challenges that these federations face in their effort to meet the transformation targets set”.

“We at SASCOC believe that the transformation agenda, as reiterated by Minister Mbalula, is the cornerstone for sports development in our country. All federations need to understand that this transformative imperative must be at forefront of their plans and programmes in order to equalize the playing fields,” said Mr Reddy.

“To this end, the transformation targets have an impact on every aspect of a federations business plan requirements, including sponsorship, Lotto funding application, human resources, procurement, gender representation and participation in international events”, added Gideon Sam, President of SASCOC.

The major federations that were mentioned in the EPG report that have fallen short of transformation targets have already been contacted by SASCOC for a meeting to discuss the contents of the report. Meetings are scheduled to begin next week and meetings with the other federations will begin shortly.