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Skizo on comeback

Beijing Olympics finalist in 2008, BMX racer Sifiso Nhlapo is continuing to make progress in his bid to qualify for next year’s London Olympics.

“Skizo” as he is known, has had plenty of challenges to overcome in his build-up, including a broken neck in Norway in 2009 and then knee ligament injuries earlier this year.

But this man is nothing if not a fighter and he was competing again this week, in Kentucky, USA .

Skizo takes Road to London 2012 through his weekend experience:

“This weekend was the first step to returning to the path I would like to be on in the near future. I went into this weekend knowing my current condition and the amount of preparation I had put in which was close to none compared to the rest of the Pro class over the past six months.

“No matter what my condition I always approach a race with a goal and mine for this weekend race was to evaluate what I am lacking in the race department be it PHYSICAL MENTAL and TECHNICAL. The track was really fast and a lot of fun to ride I found myself getting right into the groove of things after the first practice and was enjoying riding my bike with some fast guys again which I had missed for the passed six months while I was in rehab from my knee surgery.

“My confidence on the track was there but not as fine tuned as I would have liked to be. I mean it was cool to ride my bike again at a race but racing my bike is what I had issues with. My confidence racing in the pack was not quiet there and I was holding back a little because I didn’t think I was in a safe position to make moves on other riders in the turn etc.

“None the less I think this experience this weekend was needed for me to see what it is I need to work on to be back at the high level of racing. I have never doubted my ability to be back at the top and even though I knew that this weekend was a test I still felt bad after racing and not really getting the result I would have liked to have.

“I understand that going through what I am going through now is a part of the process of making my come back for the remainder of this season and next season.

“I am very motivated to work on my weaknesses at the moment and looking forward to getting all the results I want. Thank you all very much for your support. I am now preparing for the next supercross race in San Diego at the end of September and I hope to be in better race shape and tick off some of my goal boxes for that race.”