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Team South Africa in action on Tuesday

South Africa has competitors in action across four codes on Tuesday (16 August). Here is a list of those competitors, Rio time (SA times in brackets).

11.50am (4.50pm), Men’s 200m heats, Round One, Tlotliso Leotlea, Anaso Jobodwana, Clarence Munyai
8.35 (1.35am), Women’s Javelin, qualifying, Sunette Viljoen
9.05 (2.05) Women’s long jump, qualifying, Linique Prinsloo
9.10 (2.10), Women’s 400m hurdles semi-finals, Wenda Nel
9.42 (2.42), Men’s 400m hurdles semi-finals, LJ van Zyl

9.40am (2.40pm), Women’sK1 200m B-Final, Bridgitte Hartley

From 10.5 (6.05), Men’s 470 class, Races eight, nine and 10, Asenathi Jim and Roger Hudson

9am (2pm), Men’s open water marathon, Chad Ho


Adele Lombaard
Adele Lombaard

Some on your SA times (in brackets) don't have AM or PM. Can you please add it. Thank you!

Eleanor Wilson
Eleanor Wilson

Men’s open water marathon, Chad Ho not Michelle Weber.

Team South Africa
Team South Africa

Thanks Eleanor, it was corrected, but somehow defaulted to the original. Thanks for your support :-)