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Ultra-marathon ace Caroline may target Rio 2016

Double Comrades and Two Oceans women’s winner Caroline Wostmann has set herself a new challenge and wants to be part of Team South Africa at next year’s Olympic Marathon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Wostmann has been invited to compete in the New York Marathon in November and Lindsey Parry, head coach at the High Performance Centre (hpc), said much will depend on her performance in New York.
‘If Caroline manages to run a time close to or faster than 2hr 35min, I think next year’s Olympic Marathon will be our next goal. I would then like her to run a second marathon roundabout April next year where her goal should be to run a time as close as possible to 2:30. If she manages to do that, she will probably be one of South Africa’s top-three female marathon athletes.’
Judging by the statistics it will be a tall order for Wöstmann to qualify for the Olympics because currently her best marathon time is only 2:44. This means that she will have to improve by nearly 14 minutes over the next 11 months.
But if Wöstmann has proved anything this year, it is that she is not one to shy away from a challenge.
According to Wöstmann and her husband, Haiko, her success can be ascribed to one simple motto.’You can do it.’
Wöstmann likes the challenge of setting herself a goal and then working very hard towards achieving it.
‘Every time I thought about the Comrades I visualised winning. So nothing is impossible. The only limitations we have are the limitations we put on ourselves and I will never limit myself by saying I am not capable of doing something. I strive to give it my best and if I don’t succeed it is OK. It is not the end of the world. All that matters is that I enjoy what I am doing.
‘After winning the Comrades it feels as if I have achieved my ultimate goal. Obviously Comrades will still be there next year, but I feel I should challenge myself by doing something else, something new which I have not done before. I like the uncertainty of pushing the boundaries, not knowing whether it is possible to break through.’
Parry is confident that the currently pregnant Irvette van Zyl will also have a good chance to qualify for next year’s Olympic Marathon.
If everything goes according to plan, Van Zyl will give birth to her and fellow London Olympian LJ van Zyl’s first child by mid-September. Parry hopes that she will be able to resume her training in November and will be ready to attempt to qualify in April in one of the smaller marathons in Europe.
‘What counts in Irvette’s favour is that, because she has been doing quality training until now, she has not lost much of her fitness. During the next few weeks I would like her to continue her training on an indoor cycle.’