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Athlete Health Online Portal

Athlete Health Online Portal

Focused insights on things you need to know to stay healthy and well leading up to and during the Games. Covid-19 As the COVID_19 outbreak continues to evolve around the world, we want to keep you updated with the latest, relevant and accurate information. –  Read more   The Playbook Every participant at the Games has a responsibility to take… Read more →

Mindfulness series for athletes by Dr Debbie Alexander

1.Introduction 2. Getting our heads around the Coronavirus is all about choice 3. Make the breath your anchor!  4. Choice 5. Start Close In 6. Emotional Pain 7. Change 8. Connecting with our centre 9. Mindful Offerings 10. Mindful Moments 11. Mindful journey, end or beginning?

Mindful journey, end or beginning?

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to, with you, mindfully navigate our way through this very uncertain and daunting COVID-19 pandemic through these blogs. For many of us it is still just the beginning of our COVID-19 journey and the light at the end of the tunnel is the train hurtling towards us whilst for others the light… Read more →

Mindful Moments

Last week’s post, my intention was to foreground a few formal mindfulness practices, whilst this week’s mindful gift is the introduction of a few informal mindfulness practices. If we are at all interested in putting our hearts into training our minds as much as we do our bodies, even if for now it is just to weather the COVID-19 storm,… Read more →

Mindful Offerings

During the past weeks, as a way of getting our heads around the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has had on our lives, I offered an introduction to mindfulness concepts and practices. I referred to formal and informal mindfulness practices and today it is my intention to foreground a few of the formal practices. The motivation for this foregrounding is… Read more →