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About Bidvest OPEX Programme

Bidvest Supports Team South Africa

“Excellence is a principle that we live by every day at Bidvest. Across the Bidvest Group, we continually think about the notion of excellence. Our view is not to look ‘next door’; it’s more about competing against yourself. It’s about bettering your last achievement and beating your record. It’s about doing your best and doing better today than you did yesterday!” Mpumi Madisa, Bidvest CEO

Bidvest recognises the unifying power of sport and its invaluable role in showcasing our nation’s talent, resilience, and spirit.

Sport has the extraordinary power to transcend boundaries and bring people together to celebrate talent, perseverance, and national pride. Bidvest recognises sport’s potential to foster unity, inspire the next generation, and showcase our nation’s resilience on the global stage. By supporting Team South Africa, Bidvest aims to amplify this sense of unity and pride, creating a shared narrative that resonates with the diversity and strength of our nation.

One Nation. One Team.

About Bidvest OPEX Programme

The Bidvest Operation Excellence (Bidvest OPEX) programme is one of SASOC’s most important flagship initiatives, designed to offer comprehensive support to athletes across multiple sporting codes who have the potential to qualify for and win medals at the highest levels of international competition. This premier programme targets prospective Olympic and Paralympic medallists, providing a tiered system of funding and support to maximise their performance and success.

Bidvest, as a partner of Team South Africa, has committed funding towards this multifaceted support system, which will aid South African athletes in their preparation for the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as other major international sporting events. The programme’s three-tier structure focuses on:

  • Funding elite athletes with podium potential, particularly those anticipated to succeed at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Developing up-and-coming South African athletes as they prepare for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Identifying and nurturing grassroots-level sporting talent for future success.

The support services offered through the Bidvest OPEX programme include living expenses, medical aid, transportation to and from training sessions, and access to training facilities. This comprehensive support ensures that athletes can focus on their training and performance, aiming to bring glory to South Africa on the world stage.


This tier is dedicated to providing young people and local communities from disadvantaged backgrounds with opportunities to participate in sport and develop their bodies, minds, and resolve in the spirit of the Olympic Games. We aim to promote sport, education, and social development in communities throughout South Africa.

Making sport accessible to all is at the heart of the Bidvest OPEX approach. We are committed to promoting the development of sport at all levels and creating access to sports and physical activities for as many people as possible, because greatness starts with support. At Bidvest, we believe umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – that it takes a village to truly unleash greatness in everyone, from grassroots athletes to elite sportspeople.

Athletes’ physical and physiological characteristics are assessed to identify whether they have the capacity to become South Africa’s next sporting champions. The tests range from generic fitness exams to sport-specific tests across various sporting codes. As a result, we often identify athletes who could excel in a sport they have never tried before.

We aim to increase the number of South Africans achieving success on the world stage.

Stage 1 – Talent search
  • At talent identification sessions, athletes participate in a series of generic fitness tests, which comprise a 20m sprint, a vertical jump, a beep test, and the measurement of arm span, height, and weight. All athletes who undergo generic fitness testing receive personal reports that match them with their top five sporting events based on their test results.
Stage 2 – Talent verification
  • All test results are reviewed by SASCOC coaches/scouts. The top performers are then invited to a talent verification testing opportunity in their recommended sport.
Stage 3 – Talent development
  • If athletes succeed in the talent verification stage, they are invited to join a talent identification (TID) development programme delivered by the relevant registered sporting organisation. The programme introduces athletes to their sport by providing them with specialised coaching and sport science support to nurture them and fast-track their development.
Stage 4 – Provincial and national development
  • After completing the TID programme and benchmark sporting events, the athletes will transition into a sport high-performance pathway programme. This is where their journey to becoming nationally categorised athletes will begin.
Stage 5 – SASCOC athletes
  • If athletes meet stringent selection criteria, they will become part of Team South Africa. This will give them access to all the Bidvest OPEX high-performance services, including movement science, athlete well-being, nutrition, and strength and conditioning. Additionally, they will have access to support staff who will help them take their performances to the highest level, competing at national and international events like national championships, world championships, the Commonwealth Games, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.