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Arrresting displays in prison tournament

Volleyball South Africa (VSA), in association with the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) hosted the’Volley-All Festival’ an international programme designed by the Federation Of International Volleyball (FIVB) to popularise the sport at community levels throughout the world.

As part of VSA’s contribution to the annual programme, the Johannesburg Correctional Facility was chosen to host the Volley-All Festival for offenders and members (warders) of both genders.

In a memorandum of understanding signed between VSA and DCS, both sides committed themselves to making volleyball an integral part of the rehabilitation programme for the correctional facilities in all nine provinces in South Africa.

The ‘fun-day’ tournament for 112 offenders and 98 warders from eight prisons in Gauteng was preceded by a short coaching session conducted by the VSA officials.

While the sport is at its “infancy stage” among the female offenders, the standard of play among some of the male teams was┬á encouraging, the most impressive being the Johannesburg Correctional Facility ( also known as “Sun City”) who ended the day as the undisputed champions.

ÔÇ£There were handshakes all round at the end of the day as the Volley-All Festival was a tremendous success,ÔÇØ said VSA Vice President, Anthony Mokoena from the Free State. Mokoena went on to say that he was inundated with requests from both the offenders and warders to host such activities on a more regular basis.