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Berg juggles work and competition

National and Africa Under-23 triathlon champion Corinne Berg is facing a battle of a different kind, a legal one.

The year 2010 is a year she does her articles for legal firm BBM Attorneys. ÔÇ£I started on the 4th of January and it has been quite an adjustment, but I really enjoy what I do and will make the most of it. It is a new world for me and I am quite looking forward to the challenges.ÔÇØ

Corinne finished third at the recent Joburg City Triathlon Series. ÔÇ£It was hard, I can definitely feel that I am not able to train the way I am used to. I now have to train smarter as I have less time available and have other things that take up my time. But the company is very helpful, for which I am extremely grateful.ÔÇØ

The next two years will see Corinne focus on her articles. Once those are done she will be 25 although she may consider taking one year off and give the triathlon a full go.

ÔÇ£My family are my support. Without them I would not be able to have come so far in the triathlon and my studies. My dad used to fetch and carry for me, especially if could not get somewhere to collect kit or anything else I needed. So they have been really, really great and also really are my sponsors.ÔÇØ

Currently Corinne is toying with the idea of getting involved in sports law and contracts. The possibility of becoming an agent also appeals to her. ÔÇ£The next two years are key to me finding my way in which field I want to specialize in. I really would like to be able to combine my studies and my passion for my sport.ÔÇØ

The last two years have by no means been easy for Corinne. ÔÇ£Because of where I was in my studies, I was not able to always train and compete as I used to. I certainly have missed the whole triathlon vibe and the tri family.ÔÇØ

But Corinne is very level-headed and wants more from life than only triathlon. ÔÇ£I could do the sport full time, but only for a brief period in my life, I need balance. I must say though, that I do miss my afternoon powernapsÔÇØ, she says with a grin in her voice.

The introduction of Emma Swanwick as Triathlon SA High Performance Manager has certainly been good for Corinne. ÔÇ£My coach, Lucy Zelenkova, Emma and myself have had some good discussions about how to manage everything and what to focus on.ÔÇØ

Corinne’s day certainly is a hectic one. She starts work at 8.30am and works through to 5pm. That is if she is not asked to stay on later to help in the preparation of a case. That means she would do a double session in the mornings, which could be a track session then on the bike or gym. She sometimes grabs a quick run during lunch before hitting the pool after work. The weekends are then used to pile on the mileage.

Despite her limited time, Corinne is adamant she will be racing a fair bit in 2010. She has already finished third in the Joburg Triathlon Series on 7 February. Her next race will be the Midlands Ultra on 7 March. The other races that she will focus on are the South African Championships (21 March) and the All Africa Championships which been scheduled in May. ÔÇ£I will leave the international door open, although I have no fixed races in mind yet. I first need to see how I can juggle everything.ÔÇØ