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Burry wins Sardine

Beijing Olympian Burry Stander won the recent Sardine MTB Super Classic on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

The race was part of Stander’s build-up for the second half of the international mountain bike circuit.

Raced over 45 kilometres, the Sardine Classic saw elite rider Stander beating youth riders Brendon Davids and Luke Roberts into second and third spot.

Said Stander, who is based in Port Edward when he’s not overseas: ‘After having been on a racing hiatus I decided to go and have fun and support a local race.

‘The turn-out was superb with almost 700 bikers taking part in the various distances. The race I took part in was a really awesome track with loads of singletrack and almost no fire roads. it was also a rather good workout after taking it easy the last couple of weeks. I think I was on the rivet for at least an hour or more.

‘This week my training will come down in hours but way up in intensity which in turn means harder but I think I prefer it. Five hours at the same old pace on a tar road will just never be my cup of tea…’