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Coach Daniels quits

National athletics coach, Wilfred Daniels is the latest casualty of the on-going Caster Semenya gender debacle.

Daniels, 58, resigned from all SA athletics bodies in a letter sent to the ASA. He was chief coach of SA teams since 1993.

Daniels gave the reason for his quitting as the ÔÇ£repulsive handlingÔÇØ of the Caster Semenya debacle.

After news first broke of the controversy surrounding recently crowned world 800m champion Semenya, ASA chairman Leonard Chuene resigned from the council of the International Association of Athletics Federations.

It was revealed that gender evaluation tests had been done on Semenya ÔÇô the current 800m world champion ÔÇô shortly before the World Championships in Berlin after a request was made to SA authorities in great secrecy by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Semenya was apparently under the impression that the tests were standard doping tests after she broke Zola Budd’s old national junior record at the African championships in Mauritius. Since winning the 800m gold in Berlin, she has been unable to accept many invitations to big international events in Europe as her passport had ÔÇ£disappearedÔÇØ on her return to OR Tambo. She has also lost thousands of rands due to her absence at these events.

ÔÇ£I resigned from the ASA because I would no longer be able to face myself in the mirror with a clean conscience if I had stayed,ÔÇØ Daniels said in reports.

He also said he believed the IAAF had a part in the drama surrounding Semenya.┬áÔÇ£For their part, ASA handled the matter very badly. Why was Caster gagged when the bombs started going off around her? It is a disgrace the whole story was driven to a head at a World Championship, the biggest moment of her life.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£She’s intelligent but South Africa wasn’t allowed to hear her side of the matter.ÔÇØ