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Diver Bouter back on track for Gold Coast


South African diver Micaela Bouter has ended one chapter of her career… and next up are the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, writes MARK ETHERIDGE.

Bouter fractured a bone in her toe just over two weeks ago as she hit the board during training. But intense rehab means she’s firmly back on track for next month’s Games.

The 22-year-old Houston University student took part in a Zones meeting earlier this week.

‘I’m officially done with my college diving career,’ she told Team SA. ‘The meet went as well as it could have, considering I couldn’t train my competition dives for a while!

‘I had some really good dives, which I’m happy about, but I missed two dives pretty badly and it cost me in qualifying for NCAAs – I was one spot out!

‘Anyway, I’m grateful to have recovered from my injury and [to be] able to compete again!’

On her foot injury, she’s upbeat. ‘I don’t feel any pain when I’m competing! It’s only the jumping around before to get warm that is slightly uncomfortable.

‘Confidence-wise I felt good! I wasn’t nervous that I’d been out of training. I felt completely back to normal. But it came down to consistency, and you need consistent training to be consistent in the meet.

‘This week I’m taking a few days to recover from the physical and mental stress of Zones, then I’ll be back to 100% training and refocusing on Commonwealth Games!

‘The divers all head out to Australia on 1 April so the turnaround is pretty quick.’

The month after the Commonwealth Games she’ll graduate with a biology degree. ‘Then the plan is to focus on just diving for a couple of years leading up to the next Olympics.’

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