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Fifth win for Natalie

Natalie Du Toit grabbed the headlines again at the Telkom SA Aquatic Championships in Durban on Wednesday while Cameron van der Burgh and Roland Schoeman were imperious in the 100m breaststroke and 50m butterfly finals respectively.

Du Toit grabbed the headlines with her fifth win in as many days when she won the 100m freestyle in 1min 03.33sec.

This after having claimed the 10km open water swim at Midmar Dam on Saturday and going on to win the 5km swim the following day.

On Tuesday she was back first winning the 50m butterfly in a new world record in the S9 Category and then a few hours later defending her title in the 1500m, also in a new world record time.

Wednesday’s only ÔÇ£blemishÔÇØ on her performance, was that she ÔÇ£failedÔÇØ to break yet another world record.

As expected Schoeman comfortably won the 50m butterfly. His time, however, was a bit slower than in the semi-finals where he swam a Commonwealth Games A-Qualifying mark of 23.58sec. His winning time in the final (23.69sec) puts him fourth on the world ranking lists. Earlier, Schoeman had finished fourth overall in the semi-finals of the 100m freestyle which no doubt would have had an impact on his butterfly performance.

Van der Burgh was asked after his impressive semi-final win if he would go for the world record. Quite a feat considering, that this mark was set up with the aid of a full body swimsuit. Cameron merely smiled; instead he was happy about setting an A-Qualifying time for the Commonwealth Games.

Van der Burgh led the 100m breaststroke from the gun, but when he touched the wall at the halfway mark in 29.01sec, the world record was never on the cards and he went on to win in 1:01.53.

Clearly the record was not an issue, defending the title was more important. He also has set his sights on eventually moving up to the 200m breaststroke, but that will still take some time. For now he will be merely happy to break his lifetime best.

Wendy Trott also added her name to the potential list of Commonwealth Games Qualifiers when she won the 800m freestyle in a time of 8:29.76. No doubt she has set her sights on improving that time when she lines up in the finals on Thursday.

200m backstroke, final:
1 Charl van Zyl (KZN) 2:00.24, 2 Chris van der Sande (EP) 2:06.02, 3 John Ellis (KZN) 2:06.58
50m butterfly, final: 1 Roland Schoeman (NT) 23.69 (AQT), 2 Garth Tune (CG) 24.03, 3 Neil Watson (CG) 24.22
100m breaststroke, final: 1 Cameron van der Burgh (NT) 1:01.53 (AQT), 2 Neil Versveld (KZN) 1:02.12, 3 William Diering (NT) 1:03.58

100m freestyle, final:
1 Karin Prinsloo (NT) 56.28, 2 Kayla Ferreira (NT) 57.94, 3 Jo-Mari van Zyl (CG) 58.41
200m breaststroke, final: 1 Ronwyn Roper (KZN) 2:33.77, 2 Jean-Marie Neethling (NT) 2:34.31, 3 Jessica Pengelly (WP) 2:34.78
100m backstroke, final: 1 Chanelle van Wyk (NT) 1:02.46, 2 Mandy Loots (CG) 1:03.22, 3 Karin Prinsloo (NT) 1:03.52

100m freestyle (S14 & S15):
1 Craig Groenewald (CG, S14) 56.69, 2 Challis Wright (CG, S14) 59.00, 3 Valentino Vergotine (WP, S14) 1:04.02
100m freestyle (S1-S13): 1 Charl Bouwer (WP, S13) 56.11, 2 Kevin Paul (EP, S10) 56.49, 3 Tiaan du Plessis (KZN, S8) 1:05.14
50m backstroke (S14 & S15): 1 Challis Wright (CG, S14) 32.50, 2 Craig Groenewald (CG, S14) 34.03, 3 David Coates (KZN, S14) 35.72
50m backstroke (S1-S13): 1 Tiaan du Plessis (KZN, S8) 35.53, 2 Sean Clarke (WP, S10) 32.67, 3 Achmat Hassiem (WP, S10) 34.04