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Erhardt eyes ranking poins

If you were to ask who wears the favourite mantle for the Africa Cup on Sunday 15 November, your money would have to be on the in-form Erhardt Wolfaardt.

The South African and African Champion has been in a class of his own in the BSG/Energade Sprint Series thus far. Three races and three wins in emphatic fashion have seen Wolfaardt carry on where he left off in 2008 in the Series where he won six of the seven races in the series. ÔÇ£I want to win them all,ÔÇØ said Wolfaardt after his most recent win.

Wolfaardt has used his running speed to good effect and with Claude Eksteen battling with a virus and Hendrik De Villiers not yet in the shape that saw him finish fourth at the World Championships in 2008, he is the prime candidate to earn himself yet another title in South Africa.

Eksteen missed the last BSG/Energade race after battling with a virus which has been a constant problem for some time now, but will be racing in this weeks race in Germiston to assess his fitness and form for the Africa Cup. ÔÇ£I have been battling on and off for a while now and have finally decided to take antibiotics to kill this thing. I want to be racing again and giving Erhardt a good run for his money.ÔÇØ

The Africa Cup is compulsory for all elite athletes as this has a direct impact on their consideration for admittance in the High Performance Squad. With all the top athletes there, the race is bound to be of an incredibly high standard and with a sting in the tail on the cycle leg ÔÇô there is a 1.2km climb in the middle of the 8km lap ÔÇô which could favour the cyclists and not let the race come down to the run, which has been the norm so far.

A healthy Eksteen is dangerous especially on the bike and will be looking to avenge the defeats he has suffered at the hands of Wolfaardt in the Africa Champs in July and the Energade Series thus far.

Abrahm Louw is looking like the ÔÇ£kid on the blockÔÇØ in the Junior Men’s race having placed third overall in the BSG/Energade in Roodeplaat and Potchefstroom and fourth overall in Midmar. Each time he won the Junior Men’s division quite comfortably.

The Africa Cup takes place at the Pretoria Power Plant in the West of Pretoria and the Elite and U-23 races get under way at 10.15am. The distance is the Olympic Distance of 1,500m swim, 40km cycle (eight laps of 5km) and a 10km run.

Any athletes who are coming from out of town and requite accommodation should contact Natalie Grigorova at the High Performance Centre in Pretoria on +012 362-9800
086 636-3992 (Fax).