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Gary Lemke

Behind the mask is a born winner

While necessary and compulsory, the wearing of face masks hasn’t made it easy picking out people you haven’t seen in a while, writes GARY LEMKE. Which also tends to lead to erring on the side of caution, in many cases walking past them in the Olympic village without stopping them for fear of…

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Looking beyond the medals

Perhaps it’s the nature of the beast but most casual sports observers will have a look at the final medals table and form an opinion on whether or not Team SA’s Olympics was a success or not. It’s understandable, but also short-sighted and a reaction tailor made for the world of social media. 

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Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021

Tokyo looms, again, We don’t know for sure in what shape of form the Olympics and Paralympics will take place in July to September and if anything 2020 taught us to take nothing for granted. What we do know is that if Tokyo 2020 +1 does go ahead, it will do so against a new-found back drop where simply taking part means as much as winning gold, silver or bronze. Perhaps that’s what the Olympics founder, Baron De Coubertin, would have wanted.

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Why we should talk about Luvo

Over the recent past while I heard the whispers. Most of the time what a high-profile athlete does in their private time has nothing to do with us. Except when it’s someone that we care for deeply. Then we should be talking about it. It’s okay to talk, writes GARY LEMKE.

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