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Hoffman gives credit

By Mark Etheridge

The road to silver at the UCI World Track Championships was never going to be easy but cyclist Nolan Hoffman was on cloud nine on Wednesday.

Hoffman, from the small village of Groendal, Franschhoek in the Cape, took second spot in the men’s scratch event in Melbourne, Australia and revelled in his success shortly after the race. Any bets on Groendal being renamed as Silverdal after this great result?

“The world champs was allways a big focus for me and I did the World Cup circuit throught the support ot my team Tasol-GT and the national federation to get me ready,” he said. “It wasn’t an easy road though as I suffered a crash last week in the Perth Grand Prix and that dampened the confidence a bit.”

Indeed Hoffman suffered various bumps and bruises and also had a four centimetre wooden splinter removed from his back after the crash.

“Nevertheless I kept on focusing and who would have thought that I would get silver less than two weeks later?”

Hoffman, All Africa Games road race champion last year, took Road to London 2012 through his race.

“The race was very negative in the beginning but the pace picked up very quickly in the second part with a lot of attacks going off the front. However nothing got to far and with 10 laps to go a group of four got away as the the bunch caught them with a lap to go.

“I was positioned at about the fifth wheel and started the sprint two laps to go. Only the British guy got the break away and I almost caught him on the line.

“Second place at the world champs is a dream come true for me and it’s great to see some of the hard work paying off. I must send a big thank-you to my boss Dean Edwards and the federation in supporting me.” he said.