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In the CEO’s chair — Tubby Reddy

We’re coming up for our three-day coaching conference in Johannesburg at the weekend, an occasion that should be an important part of our ongoing quest for medals, not only for 2012 but even beyond that.

There can be no beating about the bush when it comes to coaching. There is no doubting that the South African sporting community is in dire need of both coach education and coach development. Simply put we can have all the sporting talent in the world but without proper nurturing and development of that potential that talent is not going to translate into medals.

So we at SASCOC are firmly of the belief that this conference is going to be a great start to setting up a national coaching framework for South Africa – something which we do not have right now. This will ensure proper qualification and growth of coaches over a sustained period for generations to come.

Secondly in the short term it should help ascertain and provide all the needs for our coaches who will be looking after our medal hopefuls in the 2012 Olympics in London. I’m extremely enthusiastic that this conference is going to be hugely beneficial to all levels of sport in our country on the road forward.

I’m looking forward to some robust and healthy debate around the subject of coaching. We’ve assembled a broad range of experts on the subject and I’m sure a whole lot of good is going to come out of this session.