SASCOC, as a National Olympic Committee participates in all Awards and Contest events initiated and organized by the IOC. The projects are as follows:

Olympic Sport and Art Contest
The International Cooperation and Development Department of the International Olympic Committee is responsible for the Sport and Art Contest.

Olympic Sport and Literature Competition
The International Olympic Committee and its Commission for Culture and Olympic Education has launched the 3rdedition of Olympic Sport and Literature Competition of 2009.

Olympic Sport and Environment Contest
The International Olympic Committee’s Awards for Sport and Environment was created by the IOC Commission for Sport and Environment, to acknowledge and further encourage the implementation of good environment practices in the field of sport.

Olympic Sport and Singing Contest
The project was launched in 2008. The project hopes to generate significant interest to respective countries and restore an active synergy between the worlds of music and sports at a national and international level.

Olympic Women and Sports Awards
The International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Family celebrates the International Women’s Day by hosting Women and Sports Awards annually.

NOC’s IF’s, Continental Associations are invited to submit nominations for these awards whereby the final selection of the winners is determined by the Women and Sport Commission.