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Magakwe fairytale continues

South Africa’s fastest man with no shoes, finally has a new pair to call his own. Simon Magakwe famously arrived at the national track and field championships in Stellenbosch earlier this month, carrying a pair of borrowed shoes, and kit, in a plastic shopping bag. He changed, and stopped the clock in 10.21sec to sensationally win the title against all odds.

Athletics South Africa, belatedly it has to be said, considering Magakwe has been on the scene for the last couple of seasons, sent the champion to the University of Pretoria’s High Performance Centre for tests to determine his potential.

It was discovered there that Magakwe had run his races in Stellenbosch with shin injuries. And that he has flat feet. ASA high performance manager Wilfred Daniels said there was more good news for Magakwe. Jaun Strydom, who will be helping him with his coaching in Pretoria over the next two weeks, has spoken to adidas, who will kit out the athlete in future.

The fairytale story is about to continue.