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Mokoena ‘owes coach R200,000’

South Africa’s Olympic long-jump hero Khotso Mokoena has reportedly found himself in the middle of a battle over money, with his coach claiming he is owed between R170,000 and R200,000 for promises made around the Beijing Games.

In an interview with Beeld today, Pohl claims an agreement was reached last year that he would be entitled to 10 percent of Mokoena’s prize money, appearance fees and performance bonuses.

While he has apparently been given 10 percent of his prize, according ti Pohl, ÔÇ£Godfrey is refusing to pay me 10 percent of his bonus money. I am entitled to it because I spent between three and five hours daily for six months to prepare him for the Games. My business suffered, but I did not complain because it was important for Godfrey to do well at the Olympics.

ÔÇ£No athlete just pitches at the Games and simply decides to win a medal. They win medals because of what happens prior to the Games. The fact that he won a medal is proof that I did something right as a coach. What is ironic, is that Godfrey sent me an email to thank me two days after winning his medal.

ÔÇ£His words were: ‘Thanks, coach. It was good and hard work. There will always be a part of you in my medal. Well done’.ÔÇØ

What seems to be making the waters murkier are Pohl’s allegations that an agent has come between athlete and coach. ÔÇ£No athlete can perform is he does not have 100 percent faith in what his coach is teaching him. Godfrey wanted to do his own thing. It became too much for me. I issued him an ultimatum and said if he did not want to listen, I no longer have a role to play in his athletics career. Godfrey told me he will be doing things his way.ÔÇØ