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Moodie makes plans

By Mark Etheridge

Our top-ranked doubles player Wes Moodie has hung up his tennis racket for the year after the season-ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.

‘Satisfactory’ is how Moodie summarised his 2010, a year that saw him end up 14th on the ATP Tour doubles rankings and seventh in the team rankings with Belgium’s Dick Norman. Moodie now says he’ll be making a few adjustments to his schedule for next year.

‘It was great to get to London┬á but I had to travel so much to make up some extra tournaments to have a chance to get into the Masters that I felt I was spread a little thing in the last part of the year although it was worth it in the end.

‘As for the year, I had a slow start then an injury and a period of not-great play followed by some good results for a couple of months and then a slow end to the year.’

Moodie reckons he played his best tennis over the European summer, a period that obviously included the French Open and Wimbledon.

‘Wimbledon was the mixed opportunity for me, in both doubles and mixed. We really should have won our semi-finals in doubles. It’s not that we deserved to win as I felt we just didn’t play well enough but I feel we should have somehow found a way to win but ended up losing in five sets. And we probably would have been the favourites in the final.

‘Then I lost a close one in the mixed doubles final. I’d come off a nice break and had a few tournaments to get into it before that period, so physically and mentally I was at my strongest.’

As such Moodie is going to take a slightly different approach to his 2011 season. ‘It’s always best to work in block periods for training and tournaments, unfortunately I didn’t have that luxury for the last three months so I think from next year I’m going to pace myself a bit more.

‘I’ve made the Masters in London now and so will tray and work off that block period formula so I can play fewer tournaments, be more prepared for when I do play and hopefully get better results and not have the pressure of playing every week to make the Masters if I go through a bit of a bad patch.’

And the rest of his 2010? ‘Well it feels great to finally be on holiday. I need a chance to get away form tennis, get on a good physical training programme and enjoy some sunshine in SA. We leave on Wednesday [Dec 1], a good time to leave as its currently a two-degree (Celsius) high in London for the next 10 days.’