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SA vs Malawi in doubt

Hard on the heels of the postponement of the national men’s wheelchair basketball series against France comes the news that the national netball’s proposed test against Malawi could go up in smoke.

The wheelchair series has had to be put on ice after the ash from volcanic activity in Iceland grounded air traffic all around Europe.

The first of three Spar Tests against Malawi was scheduled to be played at the University of Zululand on Wednesday night but newspaper reports that the Malawi team did not arrive at Richard’s Bay on Monday as scheduled.

The series is crucial for the South Africans as they need to improve their world ranking in order to qualify for the Commonwealth Games in India later this year.

National coach Carin Strauss was quoted in Die Burger newspaper as saying: “We have covered all avenues and conditions surrounding their acceptance to come and play us.”

Added Proteas captain Liezel Wium: “It will be a big setback if we can’t play. The players are motivated and very keen to play.”

The locals will be hoping the Malawi side arrive today as there are two daily flights from Malawi to South Africa.

Netball South Africa president Mimi Methethwa said: “We are prepared to play the first Test as late as Thursday. But we won’t accept the series being cancelled and I’ll go so far as to ask Ifna (the global body) to award the series to us by default.”