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New Fed Cup captain

Former world number seven player, Greer Leo-Smith (nee Stevens,) has been named captain of the South African Fed Cup side.

Stevens, 52, faces her first assingment in a trip to Antalya, Turkey next week, where South Africa contest the Euro/Africa Group II competition. Other countries competing in the hard-court format will be hosts Turkey, Georgia, Latvia and Morocco.

The team will be led by Natalie Grandin (world number 243) and made up by Lizanne du Plessis (650), Kelly Anderson (848) and Christi Potgieter.

Leo-Smith takes over from Rowena Sanders (nee Whitehouse) who did not put her name forward for re-election.

The round-robin event features two pools of three. The pool winners play the runners-up in the other pool, with the winners promoted to Euro/Africa Group I next year.

The bottom nation are relegated to Group Three.