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Oosthuizen misses SA mark but has other targets

By Mark Etheridge

An attempt by Anel Oosthuizen on the national women’s 10-kilometre walk record came up short at the weekend, but the Rio Olympian is patiently biding her time.

The Gauteng athlete, currently busy in her home town of George with the practical side of a teaching degree, jetted into Cape Town for a quick visit in an an attempt to break an 18-year old South African mark at the WP Grand Prix walking event at the Youngsfield military base in the southern suburbs.

The time in question is the 45min 05sec belonging to Susan Vermeulen and was set in Bloemfontein way back in 1999.

Crisp and calm conditions made a record attempt viable, but Oosthuizen stopped her clock on 47min 09sec and had no excuses.

‘I didn’t do what I really wanted to today when it comes to the race itself, but I cannot complain. Conditions were perfect and I had the biggest supporters group that came all the way from George specially to support me.

‘I know I’m in shape to walk a faster time, but as any athlete out there knows, it all depends on how you feel on the day and today just wasn’t my day. The good thing is that I’m completely injury-free this season and training is going really well.

‘So even though today wasn’t what I was hoping for, it was a really good training session.’

Patience will be rewarded for Oosthuizen though. She’s broken every SA walk record below 20km during her preparations.

What will help her though, are more opportunities to sharpen her speed on the track in distances like 3000, 5000 and 10,000m… events which are few and far between on the local track calendar.

Looking up the road, and Oosthuizen is back in training as she focuses on the IAAF World Athletics Championships in London, England and the World Student Games in Taipei, Taiwan.. depending obviously whether she cracks the nod from the national selectors.

Picture of Oosthuizen in Youngsfield action courtesy of Amália Aracena

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