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Poor swell puts Goodwave on hold once again


The event organisers of the Cell C Goodwave surfing competition in Durban have made the decision to put the event back on hold.

After closely monitoring the focus and direction of the approaching swell, it has become apparent that the swell is not from the ideal direction for the New Pier, and the surf will not be ideal to run the event this weekend.

‘We were always a little bit worried about the direction of the swell,’ said contest director Jason Ribbink. ‘Spike and I have been in constant communications over it, and there’s not enough east element to the swell, and it’s not going to reach contest standards.’

The Cell C Goodwave is a World Surf League (WSL) Specialty Event, with R100,000 for first prize. It’s a unique competition on the South African surfing calendar in that it has a one-year waiting period and it costs only R1 to enter.

Organisers have invited 32 surfers to compete in the tournament and the waiting period runs until 31 December 2017.

It’s imperative to have a full day of good waves (or two half days) at the New Pier to run the event to completion.

The competition will be hosted by California Dreaming restaurant on the beachfront. Oakley and Sun International are both supporting sponsors.

Picture of the ideal Durban wave organisers were hoping for, courtesy of Van Lennep

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