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SA duo in German Bundesliga action


By Mark Etheridge

Richard Murray and Anel Radford were in recent German Bundesliga action as the South African duo’s seasons start winding up.

It was the first Bundesliga event of the season in Kraichgau, in the south-western region of Germany.

Both were racing for German clubs, Murray for Ejot Buschutten and Radford for Komet Team TV Lemgo.

Two-time Olympian Murray ended up winning the league event and Radford was 15th in the individual standings to help her team to fourth in the women’s team category.

The former is currently in a high altitude training camp in Les Angles, France while Radford is in Vitoria Gasteiz, in the Basque region of Spain.

Said Murray, who clocked 49min 22sec for the 750-metre swim, 20km cycle and 5km run, three seconds ahead of France’s Felix Deschampt: ‘The Bundesliga was a week after the half-distance in Samorin, Slovakia. The Bundesliga wasn’t an easy event – the swim didn’t go according to plan and I was 20 seconds behind when I came out the water.

‘I needed to work very hard on the bike with the chase group and we didn’t make or loose any time!

‘On the run I went pretty much all out for the first 1.8 kilometres and caught up with the front group on the run and went into the lead on a very narrow run route on the side of a lake at about 8:30pm in the evening.

‘I’m very happy with my third win in a row in Kraichgau and really love to take part for Ejot Buschutten in the German triathlon league.’

On his schedule for the next while: ‘I’ll race three or four events in the series this year and all of them are sprint distance events in Germany. This team is so well organised and really loosk after the athlete and this is great preparation for me for the WTS and other events.

‘My next event will be the European Cup in Holten, Nethelands on 1 July and then I’ll come back to Les Angles for 10 days to prepare for WTS Hamburg. It’s been a while since I raced a WTS.’

Australia-based Radford (pictured third from left) has also been busy recently, having raced the Cagliari World Cup in Italy before the Bundesliga event where her 15th spot came in a time of 57:01. Murray’s Dutch girlfriend, Rachel Klamer, was second overall in 55:47, just two seconds behind the host nation’s Laura Lindemann.

‘I put together a really good training bock in the Basque country after African champs and was happy with my fitness heading into the Cagliari World Cup and the Bundesliga race in Germany.

‘Unfortunately my race in Cagliari ended early after another competitor took a massive risk on the steep descent of the cycle leg and slammed into me. I was lucky not to have been seriously injured but my body was still very stiff and sore and I had a lot of bruising from the crash.

‘I had a great team of people around me who got my body moving well enough to start in Kraichgau a week later.

‘It was my first Bundesliga race so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect but I absolutely loved it. The racing is hard and fast on a very tight course and the crowd support is amazing.

‘The team environment also makes it a lot of fun. Our team manager, Bernd Wolbrink, worked really hard to ensure that everything ran smoothy and that we were well looked after. Now I’m back into training inVitoria Gasteiz preparing for the next couple of races of the European summer.’

Photos of Murray courtesy of Petko Beier and Radford’s event courtesy of DTU/Ingo Kutsche

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