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Sascoc supports cycling

Cycling South Africa stated on Saturday that the outcome of the forum meeting called by SASCOC in Johannesburg between senior SASCOC representatives and the CyclingSA board has reinforced the partnership between SASCOC as the parent organisation, and CyclingSA.

The meeting was held in a very positive and constructive tone with focus on addressing vaious allegations and other related matters.

In fact the meeting was closed with strong affirmation by the chairman, Mr Mubarak Mahomed that SASCOC will continue to support CyclingSA in all aspects of the management of this sport of cycling in South Africa, and certainly in dealing with recent statements made by certain elements within the sport.

In a move deemed by media to be restrictive, Mr Mubarak Mahomed excused the media before proceedings began.

SASCOC has also stipulated the need to revise the CyclingSA constitution in order to align itself with the process already underway in many of the 74 affiliated national sporting federations.

As a result, CyclingSA’s planned annual Congress next week will now be postponed to February 2012 to coincide with the re-election of the office bearers.

CyclingSA’s board will meet next week instead.

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