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Seppie shoots for stars

In a move that places South African archers amongst the best in the world, Septimus (Seppie) Cilliers shot a world record at the Claudette Shires FITA Tournament held in Durban at the weekend.

A FITA tournament is an internationally recognised format conforming to world standards and presided by a qualified judge.┬á In the tournament 144 arrows are shot in total, with 36 arrows shot at each distance of 90, 70, 50 and 30 metres.┬á Each arrow counts for a maximum of 10 points, with the dead centre of the target counting as an ÔÇ£XÔÇØ or 10.

In total, the maximum score that can be shot is 1440.

Septimus shot a verified score of 1407, the second African to have shot a score over 1400 and in so doing joined the elite ÔÇ£FITA Club 1440ÔÇØ.┬á Less than 20 archers out of a registered base of 6 million have ever shot over 1400.

At 30 metres, he shot a full score of 360 points, only missing the dead centre ÔÇ£xÔÇØ on three occasions, setting a new world record.

“Seppie” is the current South African compound men national champion and has been selected as part of the SA team to compete at the world archery championships in Korea in September.