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Some statistics lie. These don’t…

Amazing statistics have emerged following the rubber-stamping of the official results from the recent Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour in Cape Town. Arran Brown, of Team Medscheme, may have won a thrilling final sprint from Barloworld’s Robbie Hunter, but that doesn’t tell the story of the race.

The ÔÇ£ArgusÔÇØ is the biggest participative cycle race in the world, though this year it was ridden in atrocious, near gale force conditions. Some 10,000 cyclists failed to pitch up for the start, no doubt pulling back the curtains, seeing the contitions and going back to sleep.

Those who did brave the elements however, all have a story to tell.

As do the statistics:

Last year, 1,781 riders did a ÔÇ£sub-three hoursÔÇØ, In 2009 only 111 managed it.

Last year, 12,844 riders did a ÔÇ£sub-four hoursÔÇØ. In 2009 only 4,467 managed it.

Last year, 21,765 riders did a ÔÇ£sub-five hoursÔÇØ. In 2009 only 12,077 managed it.

Of the 73 start groups, only two made it through the first 100m without anyone crashing.

Penny Krohn retained her record of 25 consecutive age group victories.

The ÔÇ£Magnificent SevenÔÇØ all retained their perfect record of finishing every Tour so far.