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Steyn looks a sure bet

If you are a betting person, you would put your money on Andrea Steyn winning the SA Triathlon title on Saturday in Germiston. Steyn won both of the last two Nestle Pure Life/Bar One Joburg Triathlon Series races in convincing fashion.

At the race in February she clocked a sub 37min 10km run leg and although she was not able to repeat that at the CG Triathlon Championships she nevertheless had a three-minute victory margin over runner-up Corinne Berg.

ÔÇ£Andrea is definitely the one to beat,ÔÇØ says Ocean Basket’s Riana De Lange. ÔÇ£Her run leg is way better than anything either Corinne or I can offer and if Carla is with us on the bike she can be incredibly dangerous too.ÔÇØ Carla Germishuis is of course the athlete Riana is referring to.

In the absence of Vicky Van Der Merwe and Kate Robberts, who are both currently training and racing in Australia, the main protagonists will be Steyn, Riana De Lange, Corinne Berg and Germishuis.

Steyn as we already established has the fastest run leg and has been working hard on her swimming under the guidance of High Performance Centre Swim coach Rocco Meiring. Her weaker event is the bike and if Berg and De Lange can get away on the bike they will need to get a lead of around 3 minutes if they want to try and trump Steyn.

Germishuis’ weakness is the bike leg but as this is a draft legal race, this will play into her hands and after some solid run legs in the Momentum Health/Teavigo National Duathlon Series she could well pull a surprise on the day. Carla was too strong for Andrea at the race on March 1, but admits that the experience she has on the mountain bike played into her hands and Steyn was never going to make up the gap she had opened over the last 2.5km run leg.

But come Saturday, things will be in the favour of Steyn and the other girls will need to work out a game plan to nullify her strong run leg.

The route will be a spectators route with the 1.5km swim a two-lap course in Germiston Lake. The cycle leg of 40km is a 4 lap out and back course with the 10km run over two laps of 5km. The bike leg will enjoy full road closure.