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Survey: SASCOC Leadership Project

The role of leadership within South African sport is the topic of a survey as SASCOC aims to optimise and align the organisation. 

The Education and Culture commission of SASCOC is investigating the role of leadership within the South African sport environment with the purpose of determining the prevailing preferred leadership style by athletes, coaches and administrators, in order to function more optimally.

This will enable us to design and implement accurate interventions in order to improve both on and off field results within the South African sport domain.

SASCOC is requesting all members (Executive Committees and Club Executive Committees) to complete the survey and also to share it widely to all levels of the respective federations for participation.

Take the survey HERE!

The Education and Culture Commission will host a Sports Leadership Webinar series early next year to assist sports leaders and the results of the survey will be used as a guide to make sure the needs of the federations are met.