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Targeting new talent

Archery clubs around the country are gearing up for Saturday 4 December, a day earmarked as National Archery Day by the South African National Archery Association (SANAA).

According to the SANAA Secretary, Barbara Manning, ÔÇ£Since our successes in the Commonwealth Games, there has been renewed interest in the sport. The National Archery Day is an initiative designed to give those who have never shot a bow and arrow before an opportunity to do so. In so doing it aims to identify new talent and develop the sport furtherÔÇØ.

ÔÇ£Clubs throughout the country will be participating in the day, where the general public are invited to try the sport under the guidance of experienced archersÔÇØ, she added.

In KwaZulu-Natal, members of the public will be able to interact with international medallists at Kings Park, while in the Western Cape, Olympic archers will be on hand to share their experiences at the Protea Archery Club in Retreat.

The Free State will be hosting the event at both the Old Greys Archery Club as well as at Tempe Military Base Archery Club.

A highlight of the event will be the two-time Commonwealth bronze medallist and Archery World Cup champion, Seppie Cilliers demonstrating the sport at the Wonderboom Junction Mall in Pretoria. Seppie currently holds the world record for shooting arrows at 30-metres.

Gauteng will be giving the public an opportunity at the Marks Park Club, where thousands of budding archers will have the opportunity of experiencing the fun side of archery, learn the skill involved, speak to coaches and learn about the development programme called Feathers and Arrows.

The Eastern Cape will be highlighting outdoor archery with special emphasis on Para-archery.

As part of National Archery Day, a number of endurance competitions will be held, with the aim of breaking and setting new records.

Archery is an Olympic sport and South Africa has earned a number of medals at international events. Many of the high performance archers, including World Cup medallists Riaan Crowther and Koos de Wet will be on hand demonstrating the sport and giving the public an insight into archery.

Everyone is welcome at participating clubs and there is no charge.

For a complete list of clubs and provincial archery associations send an email to or visit