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Team SA: All our 87 medal winners

This is where Team SA have got their medals at the 12th African Games in Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco.

Gold (37)
Tiffany Keep (cycling), women’s mountain biking cross-country
Ashleigh Pasio (cycling), women’s individual time trial
Maroesjka Matthee (cycling), women’s road race
Ryan Gibbons (cycling), men’s individual time trial
Women’s team time trial (cycling)
Men’s team time trial (cycling)
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 50m freestyle
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 100m freestyle
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 50m backstroke
Kaylene Corbett (swimming) women’s 50m breaststroke
Kaylene Corbett (swimming) women’s 100m breaststroke
Kaylene Corbett (swimming) women’s 200m breaststroke
Michael Houlie (swimming) men’s 50m breaststroke
Martin Binedell (swimming) men’s 200m backstroke
Alaric Basson (swimming) men’s 100m breaststroke
Alaric Basson (swimming) men’s 200m breaststroke
Samantha Randle (swimming) women’s 400m IM
Ryan Coetzee (swimming) men’s 100m butterfly
Jessica Whelan (swimming) women’s 200m IM
Women’s 4x200m freestyle (swimming)
Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay (swimming)
Women’s 4x100m medley relay (swimming)
Mixed 4x100m freestyle relay (swimming)
Mixed 4x100m medley relay (swimming)
Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay (swimming)
Men’s 4x100m medley relay (swimming)
Men’s K2 1000m (canoeing) Jarred Gibson and Louis Hattingh
Men’s K4 500m (canoeing) Team SA
Women’s K2 500m (canoeing) Bridgitte Hartley and Donna Hutton
Women’s K4 500m (canoeing) Team SA
Women’s K2 200m (canoeing) Team SA
Men’s K2 200m (canoeing)
Esti van Tonder (canoeing) Women’s K2 200m
Esti van Tonder (canoeing) Women’s K1 500m
Chrisjan Coetzee (canoeing) Men’s K1 200m
Nita Scholtz (badminton) women’s singles
Mpho Links (athletics) men’s high jump

Silver (26)
Michaela Whitebooi (judo) women’s 48kg
Unelle Snyman (judo) women’s 78kg
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 50m breaststroke
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 100m breaststroke
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 200m breaststroke
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 200m freestyle
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 400m freestyle
Samantha Randle (swimming) women’s 200m backstroke
Samantha Randle (swimming) women’s 800m freestyle
Samantha Randle (swimming) women’s 1500m freestyle
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 50m butterfly
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 100m butterfly
Ayrton Sweeney (swimming) men’s 400m IM
Alard Basson (swimming) men’s 100m butterfly
Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay (swimming)
Zanri Rossouw (cycling) women’s individual time trial
Kent Main (cycling) men’s individual time trial
Ryan Gibbons (cycling) men’s road race
Louis Hattingh (canoeing) men’s K1 1000m
Thapelo Phora (athletics) men’s 400m
Jo-Ane van Dyk (athletics) women’s javelin
Ischke Senekal (athletics) women’s shot put
Women’s 4x100m relay (athletics)
Men’s 4x400m relay (athletics)
Yolande Stander (athletics) women’s discus
Chanel Simmonds (tennis), women’s singles

Bronze (24)
Emma Chelius (swimming) women’s 50m freestyle
Emma Chelius (swimming) women’s 100m freestyle
Emma Chelius (swimming) women’s 50m butterfly
Carla Antonopoulos (swimming) women’s 1500m freestyle
Michael Houlie (swimming) 100m breaststroke
Ryan Coetzee (swimming) men’s 50m butterfly
Jessica Whelan (swimming) women’s 400m IM
Brad Tandy (swimming) men’s 50m freestyle
Kerryn Herbst (swimming) women’s 100m backstroke
Martin Binedell (swimming) men’s 100m backstroke
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 200m IM
Neil Fair (swimming) men’s 200m IM
Mixed Team event (badminton)
Women’s doubles (badminton) Scholtz and De Beer
Zinzi Chabungu (athletics) women’s triple jump
Wayne Snyman (athletics) men’s 20km walk
Taylon Bieldt (athletics) women’s 100m hurdles
Sunette Viljoen (athletics) women’s javelin
Linique Beneke (athletics) women’s long jump
Ischke Senekal (athletics) women’s discus
Anaso Jobodwana (athletics) men’s 200m
Breyton Poole (athletics) men’s high jump
Meike Strydom (athletics) women’s shot put
Men’s 4x100m relay (athletics)


45 Swimming
20 gold – Kaylene Corbett (3), Erin Gallagher (3), Alaric Basson (2), Michael Houlie, Martin Binedell, Samantha Randle, Jessica Whelan, Ryan Coetzee, Women’s 4x100m freestyle, Men’s 4x100m freestyle, Mixed 4x100m medley relay, Women’s 4x200m freestyle, Mixed 4x100m freestyle, Women’s 4x100m medley relay, Men’s 4x100m medley relay
13 silver – Christin Mundell (5), Samantha Randle (3), Erin Gallagher (2), Ayrton Sweeney, Alard Basson, Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay
12 bronze – Emma Chelius (3), Carla Antonopoulos, Michael Houlie, Ryan Coetzee, Jessica Whelan, Brad Tandy, Kerryn Herbst, Martin Binedell, Christin Mundell, Neil Fair

17 Athletics
1 gold – Mpho Links
6 silver – Thapelo Phora, Jo-Ane van Dyk, Yolande Stander, Ischke Senekal, Women’s 4x100m, Men’s 4x400m
10 bronze – Zinzi Chabungu, Wayne Snyman, Taylon Bieldt, Sunette Viljoen, Ischke Senekal, Linique Beneke, Anaso Jobodwana, Breyton Poole, Meike Strydom, Men’s 4x100m

10 Canoeing
9 gold – Men’s K2 1000m: Jarred Gibson and Louis Hattingh, Women’s K2 500m: Bridgitte Hartley and Donna Hutton; Men’s K4 500m; Women’s K4 500m; Men’s K2 200m, Women’s K2 200m, Esti van Tonder (2), Chrisjan Coetzee
1 silver – Louis Hattingh

9 Cycling
6 gold – Tiffany Keep, Ryan Gibbons, Ashleigh Pasio, Maroesjka Matthee, Women’s team time trial, Men’s team time trial
2 silver – Zanri Rossouw, Kent Main, Ryan Gibbons

3 Badminton
1 gold – Nita Scholtz
1 bronze – Mixed team event, Women’s doubles (Scholtz, De Beer)

2 Judo
2 silver – Michaela Whitebooi, Unette Snyman

1 Tennis
1 silver – Chanel Simmonds


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