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Cameron bags three

Cameron van der Burgh enjoys breaking world records as much as he enjoys eating sushi, and had a healthy appetite for both having set his third world best within 24 hours at the Telkom SA Short Course Championships at the GC Jollife Swimming Pool in Pietermaritzburg Sunday.

“Before I went to the swimming pool, I contacted my Japanese coach Norimasa Hirai and told him that I wanted to break the 56 second barrier in the 100 metres breaststroke today,” said Van der Burgh, after clocking 55.99 secs, to improve on his world mark of 56.39 achieved in the semi-finals the day before.

“My coach told me that if I go under 56 seconds, that will be gold medal material at the 2012 London Olympics. Having broken the 50 metres breaststroke world record (25.43) and the 100 metres breaststroke twice at these championships, I am sure I am in the prime position of being the only swimmer ever to have recorded 3 world swimming records within 24 hours.”

“I felt great in the water today. Unlike in my 100 metres breaststroke semi-final the day before, my stroke held well over the last 25 metres to give me the edge to go this fast.”

The world record achievement puts Van der Burgh at a total of nine world best performances within eight months.

Roland Schoeman, who set a world best of 20.30 in the 50 metres freestyle heats a day earlier, found himself in a race against time of a different

Ten minutes before competing in the 50 metres freestyle final, his state-of-the-art swim suit split on the left-hand side of the material covering the leg, and he was forced to change his swimwear, before taking to the water to win gold in 20.85.

Results of Finals on Day three of the four-day Telkom SA Short Course Championships held at the GC Jollife Swimming Pool in Pietermaritzburg on


50m freestyle: 1 R Schoeman (Tuks-NT) 20.85, 2 G Zandberg (GZSA-NT) 21.37

50m butterfly:
1 N Watson (Watr-CG) 23.95, 2 D van der Merwe (Sgul-KZ) 24.40

100m breaststroke multi disability
: 1 T Slattery (Mdol-CG) 1:37.19, 2 C
Groenewald (Bish-CG) 1:09.26, 3 S Mogale (Bish-CG) 1:37.36

100m butterfly multi disability: 1 C Groenwald (Bish-CG) 1:00.49, 2 A
Hassiem (CADO-WP) 1:00.55, 3 S Mogale (Bish-CG) 1:33.90

400m freestyle: 1 JC Thompson (Pisc-KZN) 3:50.67, 2 C Ho (Pisc-KZN) 3:52.30,
3 N Kieck (Sgul-KZN) 3:57.64

100m breaststroke: 1 C van der Burgh (Pasc-NT) 55.99, 2 N Versfeld
(Seal-KZN) 58.88, 3 W Diering (Tuks-NT) 59.75

100m individual medley: 1 G Zandberg (GZSA-NT) 53.13, 2 W Gilchrist
(Sgul-KZN) 54.05, 3 R Jacobs (Sgul-KZN) 55.96

4 x 200 metres freestyle relay
: 1 Sgul-KZN 7:27.50, 2 Seal-KZN 7:31.17, 3
Pasc-NT 7:51.89


50m freestyle: 1 K Prinsloo (Tuks-NT) 25.62, 2 L Burger (Mati-WP) 25.72

50m backstroke: 1 C van Wyk (Vine-WP) 27.82, 2 D Lushington (SASE-CG) 29.20

100m breaststroke multi disability: 1 R Bloem (Mati-WP) 1:40.23, 2 C Fowler
(Kloo-KZN) 1:42.69, 3 E Gray (Tuks-NT) 1:44.92

100m individual medley: 1 M Loots (Mdol-CG) 1:01.62, 2 B Meyer (Pisc-KZN)
1:03.44, 3 C Archibald (Mdol-CG) 1:03.95

800m freestyle:
1 N du Toit (Mdol-CG) 8:47.59, 2 R Warnes (Sgul-KZN)
8:54.24, 3 B Hauzer (Mdol-CG) 8:57.10

4 x 100m freestyle relay: 1 Tuks-NT 3:51.92, 2 Mdol-CG 3:53.98, 3 Vine-WP