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Triathlon look to the future

Triathlon South Africa are looking down the road … way down the road in fact.

With a view to improving performances and the running of the sport, TSA held a workshop in Pretoria last weekend, the objective being to map the way forward for the sport in terms of performance with an eye on the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

The workshop was the first of its kind in South Africa, with various sporting codes attending and providing input from past experiences.

What was very clear from the outset, was that there was an eagerness from all parties involved to provide the sport with a platform to reach its full potential. The general consensus amongst the participants was that the future programme should be centrally driven and informed by the question “what needs to be done to make our athletes faster”.

With this in mind proper supporting structures for the athletes must be put in place so that the High Performance Manager and the athlete’s personal coach can fulfill their very important roles.┬á Funding for participation in selected events must be included in the program.

The suggested programme needs to provide for various groups of competitive athletes, ranging from potential 2012 Olympic athletes to potential 2016 – 2020 Olympic athletes, as well as other promising juniors and development athletes.

TSA is presently awaiting a written report from the workshop facilitator whereafter a draft plan will be finalised in consultation with Doctors Ross Tucker and Jeroen Swart.  The post of High Performance Manager will be advertised within the next four weeks.

Certainly Triathlon South Africa could not have picked a better group of people to ÔÇ£get the ball rollingÔÇØ as attending were the likes of Tucker (Sports Scientist and Exercise Physiologist, Lindsey Parry (Sports Science Triathlon), Rocco Meiring (Swimming ÔÇô Triathlon), Dr Carol Austin (former TSA High Performance Director), Lucie Zelenkova (Elite Triathlete, Olympian, Masters degree in Sport Science) and Dr Debbie Alexander in her capacity as Clinical Psychologist.