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Double delight for Meder in the pool

Rebecca Meder

The Stellenbosch leg of the SA Grand Prix wrapped up with a number of thrilling performances from Rebecca Meder, Erin Gallagher and Christin Mundell.

Meder was in top form as she bagged the gold medal in the 400m individual medley in 4:52.25 ahead of Tailyn Seyffert in 4:58.82 and Hungary’s Evelin Zbisko in 5:13.63, and later in the day, added another gold in the 100m backstroke in 1:04.89, followed by Kerryn Herbst in 1:05.22 and Holly Cleworth in 1:05.66.

Meder also scooped the bronze medal in the 200m breaststroke in 2:35.36 to Mundell’s gold winning time of 2:28.33, while Mundell went on to add the 50m breaststroke gold medal to her tally, clocking a fast 32.23 ahead of Hanim Abrahams in 33.25 and Hungary’s Eszlter Bekesi in 33.35.

Gallagher’s golden time of 55.45 saw her claim the top spot in the 100m freestyle to Aimee Canny’s 55.71 and Hannah Robertson’s 58.75, with Gallagher’s second gold medal coming in the 50m butterfly in 27.04 ahead of Natalie Landmann in 28.35 and Michaela de Villiers in 28.37.

Pieter Coetze was over the moon with his gold medal wins in the 50 and 200m backstroke; touching the wall in 26.40 and 2:04.93, respectively, with the silver and bronze in the 50m race going to Corey Webb in 28.17 and Eric Slabbert in 28.22, while the 200m event saw Dylan Wright claim the silver in 2:05.37 to Slabbert’s bronze time of 2:09.97.

In the 100m breaststroke, Alaric Basson was victorious in 1:01.33, ahead of Michael Deans and Bailey Musgrave who won the silver and bronze in 1:03.93 and 1:04.14, respectively, while Musgrave went on to win the silver medal in the 200m individual medley in 2:09.90, behind Hungary’s Balazs Holla in 2:07.92.

The gold medal in the 100m butterfly was won by Matthew Sates in 54.74 to Alard Basson’s 55.01 and Daniel Ronaldson’s 55.13, while Hungary’s Holla topped the 200m freestyle race in 1:52.09 ahead of Matthew Bosch in 1:53.22 and Balint Pap in 1:54.21.

In the long distance 1500m freestyle, the medal podium consisted of Brent Szurdoki in 16:05.46, Roberto Gomes in 16:07.54 and Henre Louw in 16:15.83, while Douglas Erasmus took home the 50m freestyle title in 22.92, followed by Clayton Jimmie in 23.36 and Daniel Ronaldson in 23.47.

Dune Coetzee grabbed the gold medal in the 200m butterfly in 2:16.02, over 9 seconds ahead of Carli Antonopoulos in 2:25.55 and Colby Els-Human in 2:36.13, while Antonopoulos also grabbed a bronze medal in the 400m freestyle in 4:33.87 behind Hannah Robertson in 4:27.40 and Jordan-Jenna Rolfe in 4:33.72.

On day one, Chad le Clos won the 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly. In the freestyle race, Le Clos touched the wall in a fast 50.76 ahead of Matthew Bosch (51.22) and Doug Erasmus (51.39), while the butterfly event saw the 27-year-old take the gold with a time of 23.98 to Clayton Jimmie’s 24.40 and Erasmus’ 24.68.

Gallagher delivered two outstanding performances in the 100m butterfly and the 50m backstroke, winning the top spots in 59.40 and 30.12, respectively, while also bagging the silver medal in the 50m freestyle in 25.74.

Alaric and Alard Basson were the gold and silver duo in the 50m breaststroke, touching the wall in 28.51 and 28.84 with the bronze medal going to Joshua Emslie in 29.57, while Bailey Musgrave, Michael Deans and Brenden Crawford made up the 200m breaststroke medal podium in 2:19.50, 2:23.35 and 2:23.57, respectively.

The final leg of the SA Grand Prix will be held in Durban from 21-23 February.

Photo of Rebecca Meder, archive by Steve Haag, Gallo Images.