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Bad day for Guy, Gaye

By Mark Etheridge

South Africa’s search for elusive World Games medals continued into the fifth day of the Games in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan on Monday.

Ranked fifth at the start of the mixed doubles category in the tenpin bowling, Gauteng’s Guy Caminsky and Gaye Mack had a bad day at the lanes.

They finished 22nd out of 23 teams, with only El Salvador ending below them.

The competition format was an unforgiving one, with only the top three countries going through from the qualifying stages. In this case it was Colombia, Korea and Malaysia.

All teams played six games in the qualifying format and after the first group of games, South Africa were lying 14th. But they went downhill after that, sliding to 19th, 22nd, 19th, 22nd in the following groups before staying 22nd.

In tenpin, a strike of ten (all 10 pins knocked down with one throw) is the ultimate aim of each attempt, and players have 10 cracks at that perfect strike in each game.

Top game score for the South Africans during their six group matches was Caminsky’s 222 in the final game, while Mack’s best was a 211 in the third game.

Their worst scores were 145 and 159 respectively.

The qualifying matches were played in great spirit with teams in neighbouring lanes high-fiving each other each success. The South Africans also had good support in the crowd with Les Williams, head of the SA delegation and Chef de Mission, Jerry Masia being joined by managers of the various codes, along with physiotherapist David van Wyk.

“It was a bit of a nightmare day out there today,” said Mack afterwards, nursing a sore left knee. “I just bowled badly. The lanes were very different from when we practised here but it affected Guy’s bowling a lot more than me because he swings the ball a lot more than me.”

The two now go on to play the singles events Tuesday and Wednesday.

Such is the format that both players will take their scores through to the singles categories, meaning they will have to have to bring their “A-Game” to the lanes from the very start.